Leadership Summit
April 3, 2019

The Safety in Action® Leadership Summit
The Leadership Summit
For Leaders shaping the future of safety at work.
Leaders play a critical role in the safety of their organizations and undoubtedly influence the success of its safety culture. Organizations with strong leadership commitment have lower injury and fatality rates and move closer to a zero- injury culture.

The Leadership Summit is a unique one-day event where approximately 100 leaders passionate about safety gather to network, learn, and share ideas. It is designed to reinforce your commitment to keep your teams safe as you connect with and learn from DEKRA’s leading experts and share best practices with safety leaders from around the world. Explore current safety challenges facing organizations through discussion, expert analysis, and powerful narratives. This is where, insight meets experience and understanding inspires action.

Networking is encouraged and facilitated by the Leadership Summit format.
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Shape the Future of
safety at work

A special one-day event, the
Safety in Action Leadership
Summit is geared for leaders
in safety.
Leadership Summit 2019
Topic in Focus:
Human Performance Reliability
Organizations that include more effective layers of protection such as tools and technology, along with key skills and training, experience remarkable advances in safety performance. Despite these helpful gains, and occasional achievement of low safety incident rates, leaders notice continuing challenges that have them asking questions as:

  • What is allowing continued near misses with serious injury fatality (SIF) potential, given our traditionally strong safety performance?
  • Why have our incident rates plateaued despite our continued focus on safety?
  • Why do human performance tools like procedures, job briefings, pause work authority, and Take 5’s not always work as intended?
  • What can we do to address these unplanned events that leave stakeholders questioning their link to our organization’s brand?
The science behind strong Human Performance Reliability (getting work done safely and correctly the first time) has evolved to the point where it can allow operations to reliably run without significant upsets - including serious injury, harm to the environment, damage to critical assets, and quality deviations - that negatively impact employees, customers, and an organization’s brand and reputation.

With these advancements, leaders are actively protecting performance gains made, and reaching new levels of success by creating work processes and workplaces with the human brain in mind so that work goes as planned more often.

Join your fellow leaders in Nashville to explore and incorporate a science-based approach to Human Performance Reliability resulting in improvements in error reduction and reduced related impact, as we talk brains, safe decision making, and next steps. See you in Nashville!
Registration for the Leadership Summit includes access to all Safety in Action Conference sessions.

 Agenda - Human Performance Reliability

8:00: Opening
Speaker: Don Groover
8:15: Remaining Focused On Safety During Change
Speakers: Mike Buckentin, Logan Alum.
8:45: Scenario 1: The Goal Misalignment Challenge
Speaker: David Musgrave
10:00: Break
10:20: Scenario 2: The Reporting Challenge
Speaker: Rajni Walia
12:00: Lunch
1:00: The Exposure Challenge.
Speaker: Don Groover
1:30: Building Individual Layers of Defense.
Ray Washington - YRC Freight
2:00: Hierarchy of Control System Erosion.
Speaker: Rebecca Timmins
2:45: Break
3:00: Our Focus on Safety: What’s Really At Stake?
Jennifer Hanna, Director Electric Operations & Underground Philadelphia, PECO
3:30: Open Mic
Speakers: All Presenters
4:00: Wrap up
Speaker: Don Groover
Watch And See
Why two days at Safety in Action
can change your entire year.

4 Reasons to Attend

  • Be inspired
    be inspired
    Safety in Action brings together senior leaders and experts to share ideas on issues from behavior-based safety and employee engagement to emerging technology and the future of risk. Inspiring sessions will broaden your perspective and encourage you to think—and act—bigger.
  • Learn
    Over 100 breakout sessions led by the world’s best safety leaders and experts. Engage and learn how other are meeting today’s biggest safety challenges.
  • Take action
    take action
    Drive change from the top down. Learn how organizations like yours are building dynamic safety processes, breaking down barriers, and getting results—bringing home a plan of action you can implement immediately.
  • Connect
    This isn’t just a safety conference, it’s a community of people building the world’s safest companies. Exchange ideas and build relationships with like-minded safety leaders from across industry.
Prepare To Lead
In order to lead you need the full landscape of the issues leaders face in safety at work.
APRIL 3, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

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