The remarkable individuals who make safety happen every day are the truest symbols of Safety in Action.

Awards FAQ

Who is eligible to be considered as a Safety in Action Icon?

Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 18 years of age. Groups and organizations are ineligible for consideration. Self-nominations will not be accepted. For complete details on eligibility requirements and other rules governing selection of Safety in Action Icons, please read our legal disclosures.

How will I know if my Icon is selected?

Because of the volume of nominations we may receive, we cannot guarantee a selection response to each submission. However, if your nomination advances, we will contact you and your nominee through the contact information you provide.

What if I don't know my nominee's address, email and telephone number?

Please make every effort to provide as much contact information as possible. We require either an email address or telephone number so we may quickly contact your nominee to obtain permission for consideration as a Safety in Action Icon.

May I submit additional supporting information about my nominee?

There's space at the end of the form to provide links to images, video, or information about your hero. Please do not send additional material unless requested.

May I mail or fax my nomination?

No. All nominations must be submitted online through our website.

What if my nomination form is rejected?

When filling out your form, please note that certain information is required. Those fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

DEKRA is not responsible for technical problems that may prevent your submission from being successfully transmitted. You may wish to first write and save the answers to essay questions in a word-processing document. That way, if you need to resubmit your nomination, you can cut and paste those answers into the form and avoid having to rewrite them.