ICON Lance BospflugLance is the COO of PHI Inc., a world-class helicopter transportation company headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. Lance’s co-workers say, “He has been relentless in making PHI the safest helicopter company in the world.” The company not only dominates in the oil and gas sector carrying people to oil rigs all over the globe but serves the air ambulance market in over 90 regions of the U.S. DEKRA consultants say, “Lance has overseen the transformation of this organization’s approach to safety from very good to world class.” Under Lance’s leadership, PHI is “not even close to satisfied and is constantly pushing itself to lower and remove exposure.“ You need only look at this video from PHI to see evidence of that. For these reasons, DEKRA Insight won’t be satisfied until Lance is recognized as one of our Icons.
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ICON Mike HarrisMike works as a Facilitator for Process at DSM Dyneema in Greenville, North Carolina. Dyneema is a global premium brand for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber. DSM manufactures and sells products in several forms including fiber, tape and uni-directional (UD) sheets. As DEKRA Consultant, Stan Owens, puts it, “Mike is not an ‘I’ guy, he’s a ‘we’ guy. It’s the passion for what he does and the fact he wants to and does include others [that separates him from everyone else].” Jim Lawless, the plant manager at the DSM site in Greenville, says Mike has “focus, transparency, integrity, passion for safety, patience, authenticity, accountability, decisiveness and, above all else, great [communication skills that] engage people at all levels around safety.” We are honored to communicate that Mike is one of our Icons this year.
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ICON Craig MorrisonCraig is the CEO of Hexion Inc., a global leader in specialty chemicals based in Columbus, Ohio. Craig's colleagues describe him as having a "relentless pursuit of preventing the next fatal” and “he feels a deep responsibility to all of the employees and their families to keep them free from harm.” Hexion is in the top safety performance tier of its industry. However, Craig wants more. He has chartered a break through team of 15 senior people to figure out what it will take for Hexion to make the next step in safety. DEKRA consultants call this “an example of world class practice.” According to his peers, Craig is “never satisfied the organization is doing all it can to prevent harm.” And, for that, we will do all we can to honor him with an Icon.
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