The remarkable individuals who make safety happen every day are the truest symbols of Safety in Action.


Safety in Action Icons

In 2018, we celebrated our third class of Safety in Action Icons – a diverse group of individuals who each made an Inspirational, Influential, or Innovative Contribution to Safety.

In 2019, we will welcome a new class of Safety in Action Icons. We are looking for a few good people who represent the best in human innovation – those who give of their time and talent to protect others from harm. We invite you to nominate someone you believe deserves to be celebrated. Help us tell the world about your Safety in Action Icon as a way of saying “thank you” – and help us inspire others to continue making work, and the world, a safer place.

The Nomination Process

  1. Submit your nomination no later than December 31, 2018
  2. Recipients will be notified in January 2019
  3. Awards will be presented April 4, 2019 at the Safety in Action™ Conference in Nashville, where honorees will experience VIP treatment




Nominating someone you know is easy, but a thoughtful, well-written nomination submission is essential to help them stand out from others we will receive. Here are some suggestions for a great nomination:

  • Find what makes your Icon special. Ask yourself: What makes them or their work special or unique? What specific accomplishment has he or she been instrumental in achieving that is truly remarkable? What impact has his or her work had on improving the safety of others?
  • Review our nomination form. We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee, and his or her work before filling out your submission.
  • Go beyond the numbers. We want to know about the measurable impact of your Icon’s efforts, we also want to hear about the aspects of their impact on safety that can’t be measured; how people talk, feel, think, and act differently about safety as a result of their energy and effort. Remember: What you share—genuine and in your own words—is a crucial factor in advancing a nomination for further consideration. You can enter your answers to the essay questions directly on the form or copy and paste them from a separate application. Please note the information you provide will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Click "Submit." If your nomination has been successfully transmitted, you'll see a "thank you" message on your screen. This is the only confirmation you will receive. And yes, we read each and every one.